Context relevant, metric driven & user oriented experience architecture

With eight years of practice in aligning business objectives & user expectations through effective, engaging and intuitive interactive experiences I offer a range of services to help create and optimize sustainable digital solutions.
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Smallest units of interaction between the user and the solution often lead to largest impact on the experience, sometimes even to abandonment. Think how an entire journey may be degraded in quality by user’s frustration caused by one simple (yet very annoying) password character requirements dialog or perhaps misalignment in expectations that an image should be clickable (to zoom) but it’s not.

Typical performance reports tend to focus on larger impact indicators such as overall conversion rate, but the composite individual interactions leading to that conversion are often overlooked, leaving a lot of room for speculation on what may be the cause. Following is an overview of considerations for tracking, measuring and optimizing different types of individual interactions as well as how to quantify their impact on the user experience and therefore the solution’s performance.

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