Context relevant, metric driven & user oriented experience architecture

With eleven years of practice in aligning business objectives & user expectations through effective, engaging and intuitive experiences I offer a range of services to help you define, develop and optimize sustainable SaaS and eCommerce solutions.

  • Petar would parse through those requirements find the details he needed and deliver what we really wanted, not what we said

  • Petar has the unique and valuable ability to understand technical documents and ideas and to communicate same in an easy to understand way to clients"

  • I had Petar working with multiple people across the globe. He did an excellent job on quickly becoming a member of his team, carving out his space and delivering results

  • Petar responds quickly to all concerns and feedback. I feel if I have a question or request I will not need to follow up, it will be completed

  • Petar understood what our customers wanted to accomplish and asked value driven questions to get us to where we wanted to be”

Fidelity Investments
Johnson & Johnson
SAP Hybris
Exact Target
Harvard Medical School

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If we are not collecting the information we intend to from research participants our findings will be incomplete or worse, irrelevant and misguided. To ensure validity, keep the interviews on track and satisfy stated objectives it is imperative to know when to realign interviews by applying subtle methods and when brute force; since both have their place.

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Surveying your target audience by conducting a top task analysis in order to determine the minimal viability of your solution is an excellent way to account for user needs throughout the estimation process and define the scope.

Doing this enables you to clearly prioritize features and engagement opportunities, distinguishing between “nice to have” and that which is essential. Results are to be leveraged in justifying dropping (or at least postponing) implementation of functionality which users indicate as having little to no value.

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