How I work

What do I do?

I compliment established teams by collaborating with audiences and stakeholders in mapping behavioral and navigational models, crafting interface and interaction element pattern libraries and rapidly prototyping as well as validating assumptions against user expectations.

Which development cycles do I prefer?

I am opposed to "assembly line" or "lob it over the fence" (waterfall) development cycles and while perfectly capable of taking initiative and working through problems on my own I perceived siloed and ivory tower roles as highly limiting. Therefore, iterative cycles in which experimentation and innovation is encouraged suit me far better.

What are my cultural and motivational fits?

Even though, strictly speaking, I am highly analytic and technical in my approach to solving problems it has been said that I do exhibit some creative tendencies. Therefore, I find that I best fit within relatively flat teams which produce deliberate and consistent results. I am also dangerously prone to relating and dedicating myself to services and or products I believe in.

What are my strengths?

According to Gallup Strengthsfinder, I am a (in order of significance), Strategist, Relator (one who relates different things), Learner, Achiever and Self-Assured.


What do I do if I can't provide an answer to a question?

If you don’t know the answer, do not wish to disclose the information at this time or if the question does not apply, leave it blank. However, I encourage you to provide me with as much as you can in order for me to make the most informed decision.

How soon will a request for an estimate be addressed?

Typically, a notification that an application has been accepted and is under consideration will be sent within two business days.

What happens when a request is accepted?

If everything is in order and no follow up questions are required we will schedule an appraisal interview to discuss the project or offer in detail.

Can multiple appraisal request be submitted?

Of course. If submitting multiple request for an appraisal use the same name and or email address


What is a typical project scope size?

No such thing. I adapt to your budget and target release dates. I have made myself available for projects varying from “couple of hours a week as needed” to “full time contracting associate”.

How long does a project take?

Even though I work in a very fast and focused manner, my intention is for every engagement to last as long as conceivable. Reason for doing so is that I am a highly iterative oriented person. Solution I will provide you with will not be ideal upon release, nor will I just hand over the artifacts and leave the project; but rather work with you to implement the solution and monitor performance as to keep improving.

What is the process?

I like to play it safe, as I imagine you do too. My usual recommendation is to form a limited engagement initially to test how we work together and to provide you with an opportunity to appraise the value I contribute. If both parties are satisfied with how things work out we can move forward, if not, we part ways.

What is the maximum availability and why?

Currently, it’s somewhat limited, usually around fifteen hours per week. Why? Because despite of what you may think, I am in fact a living, breathing human being. In addition to contracting I have a full time job and I also value my personal time.


Why do I do it?

To contribute; to experience and learn; to further my goals.

Why do I enjoy it?

It’s relaxing, challenging and powerful.

What I won’t do?

Anything that I wouldn't be proud of. Additionally, I won’t scratch the surface or color between the lines unless I can erase existing and draw new ones as needed.

Is there work I prefer or frown upon?

Noble pursuits are prioritized accordingly. Growth is essential but gradual.


How much do I charge?

Around $75 per hour. It depends on logistics, amount of work you provide, how much I stand to learn from the experience and many other factors.

What to do if the budget doesn't seem to be sufficient?

Don’t be so sure. Even the smallest of budgets can be stretched very far if prioritized and utilized smartly. I highly encourage you to let me know what you can afford and we can discuss how to proceed.

What is the payment structure?

Negotiable, but generally speaking, on fixed price projects 50% upfront and 50% on completion. On hourly projects you will receive a biweekly Net 15 invoice.

How is the budget tracked?

According to progress. I am adaptable and willing to use any tracking / reporting system you have integrated (e.g. oDesk, Harvest etc.) or provide you with detailed information through spreadsheets, shared real time calendars etc.


Are there termination fees?

All work and resources performed or obtained prior to the Effective Termination date will be invoiced and or prorated.

How about change orders?

I welcome them in all shapes and sizes.

Who ends up owning the work product?

Any and all artifacts, content, intellectual properties, innovations and processes I create as a Contractor create will be in the ownership of the Client.

Slightly more formal

To ensure potential for our collaboration is sound, I invite you to appraise my objectives, experiences, skills and additional relevant information against the needs and or requirements your project or position has.