In order to architect successful experiences within the user-solution engagement I establish frameworks by recognizing contextual patterns and gathering functional requirements to be utilized both in development and consumption agile cycles.

By generating value through experience architecture I not only strive to define and build engaging interactions and also ensure sustainability of the solution within your organizational processes.

Inception of the experience, and therefore of the solution, is crucial in that it provides a map to which we adhere to in order to mitigate arguments and support our decisions, as well as to ensure that the product owners, development teams as well as users share common goals.

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User research

Creating a successful user engagement depends on many things, but central component of the process which informs all others is user research. As an user experience architect my primary efforts are allocated towards understanding needs, intents, behaviors and expectations of solution audiences as to define most viable tactics to leverage the same in order to raise mutual lifetime value and reduce risks.

Impact and understanding of what it takes to conduct user research well is often underestimated. Some wrongly perceive it as time-consuming and expensive, or as just another part of the discovery stage disconnected from the actual execution process that comes afterwards. Nothing could be further away from reality.

By understanding what catalyzes prospects into customers and also what makes them return we utilize gather information to grow the solution impact.

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Successful utilization of any solution through intuitive navigation and interaction with same does not just happen. The primary reason of user frustrations stems from their inability to find information and or complete tasks where and how they expected to, and enabling them to do so is no easy task. We never want our audiences to be frustrated when using our solutions (i.e. have a poor experience), which is why we recognize that careful considerations and applications of information’s structural design against users expectations are essential.

Importance of information architecture mustn’t be undermined as doing so runs a risk of developing great and useful features as well as amazing and relevant content … which no one will ever be able to find or interact with.

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