Designing Interface Patterns

Our creative processes are aligning with agility required to address demand for experiencing designs in various contexts. For instance, after crossing the responsive design Rubicon we realized it’s not viable to create throwaway deliverable artifacts (wireframes, mockups etc.) for each viewport break-point. Instead we started prototyping and evolving our concepts to final solution by designing in browser.

To make the process of designing interfaces more effective and sustainable a lot of us have also adopted pattern library frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation as go-to resources for quickly rendering common interface elements and layout sets. By defining individual elements of interfaces or interactions as well as by incorporating adaptation to contexts in which said elements will be featured we constitute pattern libraries.

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Webtopia: Issue Numero Uno

If you are a designer or an UX person, people might often ask you if there is one thing you can improve on our site, what would it be? In the “webtopia” series of articles I will suggest those improvements to some sites (even though no one asked me to):

It’s for a good cause (improving the interwebs, by providing reviews to the solutions for consideration) Here’s goes nothing:

Since it’s the first review, it is only fitting that we start of with a big site, and you don’t get bigger than: Continue Reading