Fragmented layout framework adapts to variety of tasks and contexts based on users intent and place in the funnel.

Searching & browsing
Comparing & reviewing

checkout path illumination

Accessible progression, path illumination and cross experience interaction consistency facilitate users' journey through the purchase flow.

header and footer elementsinline conversionproduct pagination

Considering frameworks' structure (note the css) sustainability and adaptability from in the inception stage allows for effortless transition into elaboration and production.

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Header & footer
Inline conversion
Product pagination
More wireframes
Element template matrix


Modular interfaces allow for integrating and pivoting strategies (e.g. different product promotions) with minimal production effort commitment and no additional design considerations.

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Product page promotions
Homepage variations
Specification example


Platform agnostic content model in combination with experience specific interaction patterns enables context prioritization of diversified solution objectives.


Funnel Builder


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