customer-journey customer journey detail Designing with data data-mosaic-profiling

Extensive definition of target audiences, their behavioral models and tactics for engaging them through developing personas based on research consisting of contextual interviews, data mining etc.

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Journey Map Overview
Journey Map Detail
Designing with data
Mosaic / conversion profiling
Journey maps and justification

Engagement and application engagement-application-process

Acquisition of new customers through a multitude of sources is focused on delivering context and time relevant offers based on identified user needs as well by simplifying the process of applying for credit thus increasing perceived convenience.

Landing & Initiation
New Application Process

My Account Defaults My Account Refinancing Options

Understanding and managing expectations existing customers have is achieved through developing highly personalized, relevant and cross-channel consistent experiences.

Contextual task completion
Up-selling based on behavior

UI Pattern Library Snippets UI Library Indexing

Development of new solutions as well as pivoting the strategies of existing ones is significantly streamlined through leveraging established library of interface patterns as well as growing knowledge base of best practices

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Pattern snippets
Pattern mapping
UI Pattern Library Index

AB Testing Home Page multivariate testing Satisfaction Survey

Continual appraisal and optimization of the experience and thus increasing value of the solution is achieved through gathering feedback and testing assumptions formulated on existing interaction patterns.

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A/B Testing
Multivariate testing
User surveys
Hypothesis Formulation
Hypotheses Appraisal


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