create-deadline task-focus

Highly intuitive process guides the users through creating a deadline and defining tasks. We decided to force a model where users may have no more than 3 tasks open for a deadline in order to focus on the highest priority items.

Deadline creation
Task Focus

missed-deadline deadline-email

Progress info-graphics in combination with "cheer notifications" (votes from other users) and status emails keep the user motivated along the way.

Reminder Email


All deadlines are publicly visible to everyone on a shared calendar and activity stream, which is used for weekly review calls and motivating users.


The deadline app has bags of personality and multitude of little surprises which aim to keep the user engaged in interacting.


Significant amount of attention has been dedicated to "socializing" and gamifying the app by encouraging users to develop their profiles and compete with other users.


Funnel Builder


Trifecta Clinical


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