Researching user needs in combination with the competition analysis really helped us understand the frictions and focus our efforts on making the key interactions effortless and the task processes highly relevant and intuitive.

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Persona Flow
Interviewing: Template Selection
Interviewing: Relevant Data
Competitive Analysis
Contextual Interview Notes
Persona Development
Demo Registration Flow
Top Task Analysis
Research Plan & Findings
Competitive Analysis


The "Page Builder" module of the application enables the users to customize the templates with their content and to integrate their funnel goals.


Much attention has been dedicated towards making the code-free Page Building experience as intuitive as possible through cascading controls, drag enabled ordering and nesting of elements, inline contextual editing menus etc.

Builder Elements Clasification & Definition

create-funnel create-funnel template-selection upsell-op

Highly responsive but still guided funnel creation process adapts to user needs, conforms templates to a branded look and feel, integrates external services and is filled with premium feature upsell opportunities.

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Funnel Creation
Guided funnel process
Template selection
Upsell opportunity
Page Builder Definition

dashboard knowledge-base

Dashboard and Funnel Overview give users insight into performance and optimization opportunities of their pages, and if anything gets confusing, contextual help is always one click away.

Dashboad & overview
Contextual help


Trifecta Clinical


Oral-B eCounseling

Oral-B eCounseling

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