trifecta-1 event tracking

Highly objective driven audience is met with problem solving focused content for reducing costs, increasing effectiveness and accelerating timelines as well as tools to help them calculate and appraise the impact of integrating the solutions in their processes, which provide valuable data back to the client.

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Problem solving
Event tracking
Experience architecture justification excerpts

4 testimonials

In the scientific community statements and claims must be substantiated with evidence, hence the crucial role in design is assigned to presentation of data points, extrapolated metrics and customer testimonials.

Data points & metrics
Customer testimonials


Diligent collaborative planning allowed for a flexible architecture be applied to content by eliminating redundancies in order to successfully prioritize and map the navigational model as well as streamline the development processes. Wireframes 2nd picture.

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Navigational model
Layout wireframing
IA progression
Wireframe drafts

media-shift interactive-engagements

For a media production company (training videos, modules), utilization and presentation of interactive elements must be seamless, interactive and responsive, illustrating engagement and assuring quality.

Video player
Interactive engagements

reusing assets repeating patterns

Envisioning and developing recyclable elements allows for patterns which enhance solution performance, accelerate development efforts and reduce production costs.

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Reusing assets
Layout patterns
Stylesheet examples


Funnel Builder


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Oral-B eCounseling

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