User Experience Architect

Roles & Responsibilities

Enables stakeholders to discover audience perceptions and define appropriate engagement opportunities
Scopes implementation efforts and sets experience expectations by modeling navigational and behavioral task flows
Aligns business metrics and user objectives through research and data gathering / analyses activities
Conceptualizes, designs, prototypes and develops responsive solutions and cross channel campaigns
Validates assumptions, plans and executes performance optimization tests
Strengthens the user-solution relationship by increasing interaction relevancy and experience satisfaction
Employs rapid development, agile processes and sustainable solution lifecycles

Independent Consultant

2007-Present    Wooster, OH

Defines engagement and differentiation strategies for digital products in numerous markets
Consults and optimizes acquisition and lifecycle management models through campaign development
Conducts research, interviews, surveys, optimization tests and implements findings
Designs and develops interfaces, interactions, applications, sites, wearable devices, etc.
Manages project development, stakeholder expectations, concept presentations and feedback gathering

Experience Architect at

2015    Nashville, TN

Defined the minimal viable product, established application architecture and mapped out user stories based on identified needs and differentiation strategies
Designed and developed an environment for creating customized purchasing checkouts and a separate application for serving the same
Increased utilization by advocating and ensuring task flow interactions were as effective and as seamless as could be
Scaled the application through actively gathering and implementing customer feedback, measuring app’s performance and tracking key user interaction events
Powered acquisition and engagement mechanisms by enhancing distribution and by developing an affiliate platform

Experience Architect at Fidelity Investments

2014    Covington, KY

Estimated user stories by mapping them to development sprints and release cycles
Defined and designed an enterprise application for creating template based communications
Integrated cross-platform deployment (email, print, SMS etc.) of promotional and triggered content
Interviewed account managers and tested prototypes in order to ensure minimized efforts, increased task efficacy and output quality
Presented progress to board members, ensuring business initiatives and timelines were being met

User Experience Designer at Johnson & Johnson

2013    Blue Ash, OH

Rapidly prototyped a solution allowing participants to review and register for training events
Mapped and developed the experience engagement flow, from invitation email to event reminders and check-in
Implemented the solution within complex and restrictive enterprise data systems
Balanced the needs of internal organizations by segmenting and templating application features and experiences
Collaborated with and consolidated intentions of a global team of developers, consultants and stakeholders

Experience Architect at Fusion Alliance

2013-2014    Cincinnati, OH

Defined broad project vision while attending to the details that support the complex structures of a cross-channel user experience
Exploited constraints of designing for various digital channels
Utilized interactive best practices to provide intuitive, engaging user experiences
Conducted user research and user interface requirements-gathering activities
Enabled businesses to rapidly iterate solution performance and efficacy

Sr. Web Software Engineer at Axcess Financial

2010-2013    Cincinnati, OH

Headed creation and execution of enterprise mobile e-commerce strategy
Unified cross-channel (Online; Email; Affiliate; Mobile; Retail; Social; PPC) experience design efforts
Created multivariate optimization tests in cooperation with Adobe Digital
Prototyped internal and external software to appraise viability and mitigate risk
Built complex libraries of UI elements and interaction patterns and regularly appraised emerging technologies


Experience architecture

Framework development, Engagement strategies, Task and user stories modeling, Requirements documentation, KPI Integration, Solution sustainability, MVP definition

User research

Contextual interviews, Participatory research, Affinity analyses (card sorting, treemapping etc.), Model and process mapping (Personas, Use case flowcharts, Journey Maps etc.), User acceptance testing, Problem framing, Surveys

Information architecture

Information architecture and design (Sitemapping, Data modeling), Semantic hyper-data, Reports visualization, API formatting, Sorting filtering and segmenting mechanisms, Knowledge organization


Experience design

Human-computer interaction, Multichannel design, Campaign planning, Mental modeling, Instructional design, Gamification, Social and cognitive sciences, Accessibility

Interface engineering

Interaction design, GUI, NUI (Android, iOS, Windows) development, Responsive layouts, Adaptable interfaces (RESS), Visual design (Photoshop etc.), Form design, CAD, Multimedia production, Modular patterns, Kinetic design

Rapid prototyping

Wireframes, Front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Pattern libraries and template driven development (angular.js, mustache.js etc.), Systems design (CMS, CRM, POS, LMS etc.) and implementation (PHP, MEAN)


Experience management

Personalization, Predictive analytics, Real time and geo location targeting, Value mapping, Content and tag management, Improving loyalty, Reducing acquisition costs, Retargeting, Eliminating frictions

Performance optimization

Hypothesis forming, Split & Multivariate testing (Test&Target, Optimizely, Website Optimizer etc.), Targeted offers (Hybris, Teleaf suites etc.), Visitor analytics and reporting (SiteCatalyst / Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics etc.)

Heuristic evaluation

Heuristic and performance analyses, Usability appraisals, Feedback gathering, Friction reduction, Establishing and implementing best practices, Increasing user satisfaction through relevancy

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Web & Multimedia Design

2010, Pittsburgh, PA

Wayne County Career Center, Interactive Technologies

2007, Wooster, OH

ETS Nikola Tesla, Electrical Engineering

2004, Belgrade, Serbia



After completing my first year of Electrical Engineering studies in Serbia, I emigrated to the United States in the summer of 2004. Affinity towards information technology illuminated the pathway through afternoon Interactive Technologies and Media classes at a regional vocational center; where I was recruited with a scholarship to attend college.


I started freelancing and accepting internships whilst in high school and have continued contracting independently until this day. After graduating from college I got offered a full time position and have held one ever since; which has limited my capacity to accept new clients and projects. But the trade-off, I believe, has been a good one since working with large companies has exposed me to a variety of projects, business considerations, delineations of responsibilities and most importantly has made me a valuable team asset.

In combination with passive income strategies (selling digital products, resources as well as standalone services) I maintain a portfolio of clients and ongoing work to prepare me for the end game. After I have soaked up all the knowledge, and secured my position as well as reputation (which is an ongoing process), the plan is to fully dedicate myself in offering consulting services to businesses and other organizations. I consider myself as an apprentice looking to become a morally sound gun for hire.

HR Info

Single with no children. Very willing to travel.
I speak English, Serbian, some German and Russian languages.
Born in November of 1988


Member of

IXDA, UXPA, IA Institute, Freelancers Union, Hunie


All things entrepreneurial, Geometry, Law, Chess, Traveling

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