Experience architecture

Ensuring solution life cycle longevity by structuring an experience and environment capable of pivoting, scaling and learning.
Define principles

User research

Engaging relevant audiences with your solutions’ objectives through a continual appraisal of behavioral and contextual models against established use cases and interactions facilitated therein.
Establish context

Information architecture

Making the solutions visible, easy to navigate through and interact with by mapping available data points against user expectations as well as organizational initiatives.
Add intuitiveness


Experience design

Setting solution and experience constraints in order to engage users, shape their behaviors and maximize engagement through intent pattern recognition.
Framework engagements

Interface engineering

Translating requirements and research findings into immersive and intuitive interactive experiences through layout composition and interaction pattern design.
Map interactions

Rapid prototyping

Iteratively building out experience concepts to minimize documentation, avoid miscommunication and enhance integration by engaging stakeholders and audiences.
Build solutions


Experience management

Defining and observing opportunities to increase lifetime value through optimizing user-solution engagement models.
Deliver relevancy

Performance optimization

Targeting business objectives by formulating data driven hypotheses, developing testing roadmaps and executing continual optimization efforts.
Get higher returns

Heuristic evaluation

Measuring and enhancing quality of the solutions’ performance through user satisfaction by gathering feedback, eliminating experience frictions and identifying opportunities.
Revise assumptions

Slightly more formal

To ensure potential for our collaboration is sound, I invite you to appraise my objectives, experiences, skills and additional relevant information against the needs and or requirements your project or position has.

Things better known upfront

I often get asked some of these questions during the interview process. Listed answers provide engagement, methodology, compensation, and other information which is beneficial to know upfront.

Let's work together

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