Flexible Prompts Freebie

Another cross-platform (flexible) freebie: This time I give you good to go or if you prefer fully customizable, flexible message prompt templates in various flavors to use on your site or application. Besides the fully compatible code, web-optimized graphics and witty comments, also included are all the source files, so you can tweak the prompts to meet your branding needs.

Why are these so great?

Two reasons: integration and ease of use.  Copy a few files and you will be able to display these nifty looking and very practical messages to your visitors. Changing the style of a message is as simple as changing the name of the style ( . . . ) makes sense right? If not, here’s a instructional video on how to do just that:

What’s Included?

Six types (designs) to choose from. Alert message, status, notification, informational, miscellaneous and data. No one is stopping you from creating your own style either. Dare I say it again? All source files included.

Download for free

message-prompts_cross-platofrm-friendly.zip (73KB)

Have fun with them and please let me know if you have any suggestions for further improvements in the comments bellow.

License (don’t sweat it)

As usual: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License . And I wave all my attribution rights.